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Moritz Ablinger

Freelance Photographer, Gampern, Austria

// well .. if you came here to hear storys about getting lost in a snowstorm, riding bikes on 5000m or sharing tracks with wolves and bears ... I have to dissapoint you. You'll only get those storys sitting next to a campfire, on the chairlift or when sharing a cup of tea, waiting for the storm to clear.

But for now ... I'm basically just a kid in his mid-twenties, with a camera, a van, a pair of skies and a bike. I attended Akademie für angewandte Fotografie in Graz a few years ago, and got the chance to work as an assistant for some of my biggest idols when it comes to photography. I shomehow managed to get a Bachelor degree ein Sports Engineering somewhere in between ... don't ask me how. 

To be honest, I'm just doing what I love. Well, there are actually not many things that make me happy the way photography does. Even after living my dream for a few years now, travelling to so many stunning places ... getting that one shot still sends me shiver. And maybe ... maybe people can see that in my pictures. Or ... that's at least what I hope.


Inspiring others to leave their beaten tracks behind, get out there and explore is what drives me. … shredding down dusty trails … catching crystal-clear waves … waiting for the sunrise on top of a mountain … or sleeping under the stars. 


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