// November Champagne

// November Champagne // Austria // 2018 //

"... wooaaahhh, I could never have imagined a better start of the season!"

The first shafts of sunlight softly touch the snow, as we exit the top station of the gondola. It's probabely been the longest 20 minutes gondola ride of our lifes ... as all of us couldn't await getting back onto the skies again, after a long summer. And though we weren't expecting it, we were welcomed with some perfect, untracked powder lines. 

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// Camper Trip

// St.Moritz, Grosotto, Schlanders // Switzerland, Italy // 2017 //

Si, Si, I got eeehh much better trail for you! It is much more flooow!” 

Vincenzos’ Italian accent makes his description of the hardly-known, steep military path sound even more dramatic.

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// Project Vanlife

// Project Vanlife // Austria // 2018 //

"... it feels like we just bought pure freedom ... on four wheels!"

In spring 2018, we finally managed to afford our own home on four wheels. A Volkswagen T5 Transporter 4x4 from 2014 was our vehicle of trust. And it was that sunset, when we parked the van right next to a closed gondola-station, facing the Wilder Kaiser range, that we finally realised what we had gotten ourselves into! The next morning, we were gone again ... leaving nothing but a few footprints and skid marks. And our Roadtrip across the Alps was just the first adventure with this white metal box ... that's for sure! 

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// Spring Slush

// Wilder Kaiser // Austria // 2017 //

Mountainbikers are passing by, wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts. And to be honest, the heavy skiboots, skis and crampons on our backpacks make us feel a bit ridiculous. It’s the beginning of May … everyone seems to be waiting for the last pieces of snow to finally vanish. But those last pieces are what we came for.

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// Trailbuilding Greece

// Trailbuilding Camp Dodekanes // Greece // 2018 //

In April 2018, I got the chance to be part of a Trailbuilding-camp on the Greek Dodekanes-islands, to shoot a report for German BIKE-Magazin. The goal of the project was to use the full potential of the islands of Kos, Leros and Nissyros, to create a unique Singletrail-network. Dozens of volunteers from all over Europe made their way to Greece, to turn small goat-paths into stunning trails. Jumps and berms were build, plastic waste collected, and the smiles on everyone's faces grew larger, when we finally got the chance to ride what we had just created.

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// Open Faces Tour

// OPEN FACES Freeride Series // Austria // 2016-2018 //

… dropping in in 3 … 2 … 1 … dropin!” – Hearing Phil’s voice yelling through the radio puts me in ecstasy within seconds. I just can’t say who’s more excited… the rider, dropping into the face, jumping over huge cliffs, rotation in various directions … or I, freezing my ass of, waiting on a rock right in the middle of the face, trying to get some proper pics.

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