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// Spring Slush

// Wilder Kaiser // Austria // 2017 //

Mountainbikers are passing by, wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts. And to be honest, the heavy skiboots, skis and crampons on our backpacks make us feel a bit ridiculous. It’s the beginning of May … everyone seems to be waiting for the last pieces of snow to finally vanish. But those last pieces are what we came for.


DSC 5485 b1
DSC 6770 b1
DSC 5541
DSC 7428 b2
DSC 5915 b1
DSC 6442 b2
DSC 7475 a1 stitched
DSC 5918
DSC 5432
DSC 6643 b1
DSC 5973
DSC 7044 b1 a1 b1
DSC 5438
DSC 6000

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