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// Spring Slush

// Wilder Kaiser // Austria // 2017 //

Mountainbikers are passing by, wearing nothing but shorts and t-shirts. And to be honest, the heavy skiboots, skis and crampons on our backpacks make us feel a bit ridiculous. It’s the beginning of May … everyone seems to be waiting for the last pieces of snow to finally vanish. But those last pieces are what we came for.

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// Persian Dust

// Elburs-Range // IRAN // August, 2017 //

…and, will you come back to IRAN?“ ... “Man, that’s for sure! Such an incredible place to be!” And we’re not joking. In the past 3 weeks, we’ve probably experienced the dustiest trails in the world. Thin air, coldness, snowstorms and thirst have brought us to our physical limits. We’ve found our own adventure at an elevation above 5000m. In a country, whose reputation is “expandable” among most people in Europe. 

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// Open Faces Tour

// OPEN FACES Freeride Series // Austria // 2016-2018 //

… dropping in in 3 … 2 … 1 … dropin!” – Hearing Phil’s voice yelling through the radio puts me in ecstasy within seconds. I just can’t say who’s more excited… the rider, dropping into the face, jumping over huge cliffs, rotation in various directions … or I, freezing my ass of, waiting on a rock right in the middle of the face, trying to get some proper pics.

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